We have been producing kits for children's creativity for more than eight years, and during this time we have managed to establish ourselves as a bona fide manufacturer and partner.

When developing our products, first of all, we strive to ensure that the positive attitude of our customer does not change from the moment he saw them in colorful packaging on the store shelf before using the craft created by him.

Our kits for children's creativity contain everything you need to create crafts, the components of the kits are safe to use, and the tools are easy to use. When selecting components, we prefer high-quality Russian or European producers of raw materials.

However, with the high quality of the components, our kits remain available for a wide range of people who like to spend time in the fascinating occupation of creating simple and extraordinary handicrafts.

All kits are certified by EU directive 2009/48 "On the safety of toys."



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